Web Based Reports

What is it?

Infrared inspections have proven to be an invaluable resource for all facilities, properties and plants.

Allis Engineering always strives to bring you the highest quality infrared electrical inspections available. Over the years technology has changed and we have always adapted accordingly.

The latest advancement in infrared inspections, web based reporting, is now available.

  • No more stacks of binders to sort through
  • No more guess work of what has been repaired
  • No more trying to find who has the report

Everything you need is right where you want it, at your fingertips.

Advantages of Web Based Reports

  • View multiple sites
  • View multiple years at once
  • Fast one button report generation
  • View/Sort/Print data on command
  • Improved productivity & accountability
  • Comprehensive inventory information in one place
  • Password protected
  • Available 24hrs/day
  • Stored on a secure server
  • View/Print specific work orders
  • View/print specific problem pages
  • Viewable by site, region, or corporate
Ir report

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